Welcome to Criterion Management LLC.

We appreciate this chance to introduce ourselves and our firm to you. Over the next few pages you will learn moreabout our philosophy, who we are, the answers to some questions we thought you may have and our contact information.

The paradigm has shifted on Wall Street. Some of the most venerable firms in the U.S. are gone and others will benefit from the turmoil. There are smaller regional firms with little or no balance sheet risk in a better position than ever. The sun is still rising in the east but Wall Street has been turned on its ear. Our goal is to work with you, analyze your business, identify the best possible fit, and then negotiate the best deal. That may include the biggest check or a platform that can take your business to a whole new level. Maybe both, you decide.

We are not suggesting you make a change of firms today, however, we believe that it is a mistake not to listen and learn about the opportunities. There is no risk in having great offers put on the table for you.

Stephen & Mark


At Criterion Management, our strength lies in our ability to forge close relationships with our clients and become trusted advisers. As agents, we are committed to provide each client the personal attention and focus required to secure the optimal career opportunity.

Top athletes in the United States and Hollywood’s biggest stars are represented by agents. We feel that Wall Street’s best and brightest deserve the same representation. Criterion Management wants to be your agent.